TAGnet Migration

netAserve has scheduled a server upgrade for all TAGnet sites in the next few days. TAGnet has asked us to phase out all TAGnet URLs for this change. The following is a list of things you should know and changes you may need to make according too your current settings:


Your TAGnet URL

Your TAGnet URL will be replaced by a netadvent URL. For example, if your TAGnet URL was www.tagnet.org/abc your new netadvent URL will be abc.netadvent.org. Once the changes have been made your site will be automatically available through your new URL.


Your email

If you also have email associated to your site and you check it through an email client such as Microsoft's Outlook it will also upgrade. If you manage your mail client through the IP address you will need to update to the new mail server IP which is in your client's settings.


These changes will take place during the last week of January.


If you have any questions you can contact us at support@netaserve.com


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